Quest #qWebParts for SharePoint 5.7 continues to push innovation for no-code development

Quest Web Parts for SharePoint version 5.7 is now available for download. With SharePoint 15 around the corner, this is a good time to finish off some significant features just before we launch into our v6.0 project. We’ll talk more about v6.0 in the near future, but for now let’s review this significant release.


As with any release, there are tweaks and improvements here and there; however, there are quite a few major features as well. You can get all the gory details in the release notes, but here are the highlights:


Improved iPad Support

First of all, we know that the iPad revolution is here and regardless of your thoughts on the matter Flash won’t be a part of that revolution! So for all you iPad users out there, our qChartView has been updated to render HTML 5 as well as Flash.


K2 Workflow Support


We’ve also made great strides in adding better workflow support for K2. K2 is one of the market leaders in workflow and plenty of you wanted to link the two together. You can now use the qSIChartView to build 3-D charts and dashboards that provide full visibility of your K2 workflows, including real-time workflow status. In qSIListForm, you can also take actions based on K2 workflows directly in the Web Part. Look for more exciting news on our relationship with K2.


qMediaView Improvements


qMediaView was recently introduced in version 5.6, and we used this 5.7 release to extend its capabilities. We added the ability to view audio and video directly within the Web Part for both SharePoint Server and Foundation 2010 (the native web part only supports SharePoint Server). Take a look at this video on how to organize and manage you media assets within SharePoint by leveraging qMediaView: