Quest SharePoint External Blob Storage Beta. Try it free today.

Quest Software has launched a beta of our new EBS – external BLOB storage - (and soon to be RBS) solution called Storage Maximizer for SharePoint (formerly Infinite Storage for SharePoint).
Storage Maximizer will increase SharePoint performance, free up space for higher priority data and reduce storage costs while keeping SharePoint scalable to meet business requirements. Here are some great benefits with Storage Maximizer for SharePoint:
  • No New Interfaces –Storage Maximizer’s management and reporting dashboard is a fully integrated SharePoint solution within Central Administration, providing a familiar and friendly user interface.
  • Flex Rules – Storage Maximizer’s rich rules engine will automatically externalize the data you choose to the locations you trust.
  • Performance Boost – Reduce end user complaints about SharePoint speed, keep the SQL team off your back and maintain peak SharePoint performance by externalizing the content that slows your system.
  • Recover & Re-Enter – Storage Maximizer provides a convenient way to re-enter documents from external repositories.
  • Secure All –Storage Maximizer’s encryption and security ensure that only those with rights to the data can access the data.
  • End User Access –No matter where the SharePoint BLOBs are offloaded, end users will see no difference in the way they access the data.


Download the beta, register for instructional webcasts, give feedback and more here within our community: