Quest vRanger 5.3 is Officially GA

Today marks the official GA of Quest vRanger® 5.3, the latest edition of our market-leading virtual data protection solution. Given the countless hours required to develop and test any reliable, high-performance backup and recovery software, we’re always excited when we have a new product release to share with the market. But this is one we’re especially excited about, and there are a host of reasons why.


First and foremost is the product itself. vRanger 5.3 delivers full integration with NetVault® SmartDisk, Quest’s software-based deduplication solution, meaning it combines best-in-class VMware backup, replication and recovery with true enterprise-caliber deduplication. Notice the qualifiers there.Best-in-class VMware backup, replication and recovery, and enterprise-caliber deduplication. We believe vRanger 5.3, which we previewed this fall at VMworld Copenhagen, is the first product to truly combine both of these capabilities into one cost-effective package, and we’re very excited to be delivering this level of functionality to the market.


The numbers will speak for themselves. Tests we conducted on various types of backup data in VMware environments generally produced deduplication ratios of between 14:1 and 39:1, though we often saw ratios as high as 70:1. In addition, our beta testing period was enormously successful, with a number of customers telling us that they believe 5.3 is vRanger’s strongest version yet. And that’s saying something for a product that now counts more than 40,000 customers worldwide.


Another reason we’re so excited about vRanger 5.3 is the continued support it delivers for VMware’s vSphere 5. If you recall, vRanger was among the first solutions to achieve VMwareReady™ status for vSphere 5. Now, vRanger 5.3 takes it a step further, providing enhanced support for backup and restore of VMFS 5 (SAN and LAN). Additional enhancements in vRanger 5.3 include the following:


  • Replication performance that is up to 2x faster over vRanger 5.2
  • LAN compressed backups that are up to 4x faster than vRanger 5.2
  • Replication support for user snapshots
  • Replication pre-seeding
  • Numerous customer requested enhancements
  • Backup catalog wildcard search


But beyond just the product and the features it delivers to end users, there’s another reason we’re so excited about vRanger5.3, and that’s what it represents for Quest, and more importantly, our customers and partners. This is Quest’s fourth major release of vRanger this calendar year alone, and it serves to underscore the company’s commitment to agile product development. Going forward, customers and partners cancontinue to expect frequent, on-time releases of vRanger, each of which will deliver advanced features and functionalities to our growing customer base.


In addition, we believe the release of vRanger 5.3 is a major step in the continued evolution of vRanger from a virtual-centric data protection tool to a full-blown SMB backup and recovery solution. The time has come for best-of-breed virtual data protection tools to start incorporating the kind of legacy backup and recovery functionalities (capabilities such as enterprise-class deduplication, physical server support,and tape support) that customers want and need, and Quest intends to lead the way in delivering these to them. vRanger 5.3 is a critical step in that direction, but it’s just one of many to come in the months ahead.


Lastly, and perhaps most important, vRanger5.3 represents yet another critical proof point in Quest’s ongoing efforts to integrate NetVault technology into its existing data protection products, and vice versa. Any time a company makes an acquisition, people wonder what will become of the acquired company’s product line. From day one, we’ve been adamant in our commitment to integrating the NetVault line into the Quest data protection family and delivering best-of-breed features that span our entire portfolio. This was among the key messages we delivered to resellers at our North American partner conference a few weeks back (covered nicely here by Joe Kovar of CRN). The integration between vRanger and NetVault Smart Disk is the biggest step yet in that direction, but rest assured, it won’t be the last.


As always, we encourage new and existing customers alike to download vRanger 5.3 today and see for yourself why we’re so excited, and check back with this blog often for more updates from the Quest data protection team.