Quest Web Parts 5.4 RTM's Today!

This release resolves a number of support cases and includes support for SharePoint 2010.

QWP 5.4 also includes the following new features:


  • Quest Web Parts for SharePoint now support SharePoint List Validation Settings and Column Validation in SharePoint 2010.
  • There are 3 new conditional behaviors for fields: Required When, Valid When and Invalid When. This allows you to make some fields required only in certain circumstances and valid only in certain circumstances.
  • Common extensions when uploading files using the RichTextEditor Document Manager are now supported. You can define the list of file extensions allowed in the new 'Supported File Extensions' property of the Configuration Editor.
  • You can now create a custom layout that allows form fields to be displayed in up to 3 Columns
  • Form field labels can appear above Form Field values.


  • You can now create a custom layout that allows form fields to be displayed in up to 3 Columns.

qSIListForm, qSIListView, qSIChartView, qSISelector

  • There is a new property, Custom Message Display, that allows you to customize the display of error messages returned from the external system when calling a custom action or loading the external data.
  • The Custom Message Display property allows you to specify a custom message based on certain conditions.

Telerik AJAX.NET 3.5 Upgrade

The Ajax controls used by Quest Web Parts for SharePoint have been upgraded from Telerik .NET2 Q2 2007 SP1 to Q2 2010. This was done to avoid compatibility problems between the older Telerik AJAX components, and Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX 3.5 which is used by SharePoint 2010.

Telerik RadMenu Upgrade

The toolbar used by any Web Parts has been the upgrade from Telerik.NET2 Q2 2007 SP1 to Q2 2010.

We know many of you are looking into our have transitioned to SP 2010 so your wait for Quest Web Parts to help you build high value line-of-business applications is over. The team is busy planning for QWP 6.0 which will further enhance the SP 2010 platform and will have some key features that you can not do without.

Curtis Kelly

Sr. Product Manager