Quest Web Parts for SharePoint ezLearn Computer-Based Training is Here - #qWebParts, #SharePoint

Don't want to read through pages of Quest Web Parts help text? Are you more of a visual learner who when shown how to do something allows you to master the concept? If you answered yes to either question, then the new Quest Web Parts Computer-Based Training (CBT) is for you. We recorded easy-to-follow videos on how to configure each Quest Web Part for the most common scenarios. You can use the Quick-Start Guide, find a Web Part you are interested in using and watch a streaming video on how to configure the Web Part—now THAT’S ezLearn. 

For those of you who are "hands-on" learners, you can setup the CBT in your environment and repeat the exercises that you watched in the videos. The CBT download includes a backup of the CBT content database which you can setup in your environment by following the step-by-step setup instructions.


Important Note: Keep in mind that SharePoint is a bit picky with SharePoint versions when it comes to restoring the CBT content database to a new SharePoint CBT web application in your environment, so be sure to read the prerequisite section and install the correct cumulative updates to your SharePoint environment before installing the CBT.


We hope you find the videos informative and that you learn something that will help you get even more value out of the Quest Web Parts. Depending on interest level, we are evaluating whether or not to offer a free (up to 5 users), hosted version of the Quest Web Parts CBT environment, so send me an email if you are interested in signing up for the hosted version.


Thanks for your interest in learning more about Quest Web Parts. We hope the CBT gives you more ideas and creative ways to use the Quest web parts in your environment to simplify SharePoint development .


Click here to get started with the CBT