#qWebPartsfor SharePoint 5.6 Provides Enhanced Site Control, Intelligent Filtering and More Personalized Customization

With Halloween fast approaching, we thought we'd give you an early treat by announcing the release of Quest Web Parts for SharePoint 5.6.


Version 5.6 introduces a new web part, provides a richer and more personalized end user experience, and adds more SharePoint site control, filtering and customization options than ever before!


Here is a quick summary of the highlights in Quest Web Parts 5.6:


  1. New Web Part: qMediaView – Aggregates and organizes SharePoint picture libraries from different sites, site collections and web applications into a centralized slide show or gallery, avoiding the chaos of having pictures scattered across SharePoint. It also adds metadata search and security-based filtering, enabling users to quickly find the pictures relevant to them.
  2. Telerik & DevExpress Controls Upgrade – Provides SharePoint users with an aesthetic interface and added site control, and resolves many outstanding bugs that were introduced by newer browsers and the launch of SharePoint 2010.
  3. Dynamic Language Switching – The qListView, qListForm and qChartView web parts support the SharePoint 2010 Dynamic Language Switching feature by storing the internal SharePoint column names instead of the display column names, which change when a user switches a site language. This ensures stability of the web parts and provides a personalized experience to end users speaking different languages.
  4. qMultiSelector Page Refresh – Enhances site customization by triggering a page refresh each time a selector is changed, enabling other web parts on the page to be filtered based on the user's qMultiSelector selections.
  5. Field Validation Using Regular Expression – Validates qListForm and qSIListForm fields for specific values and formats that you define using .NET regular expressions such as if-then logic. This prevents users from entering invalid data, such as bad email addresses, and ensures consistent formatting across all SharePoint forms.
  6. Enhanced Customization for the SharePoint 2010 Ribbon – Provides the flexibility to hide the SharePoint 2010 ribbon when using the Quest Web Parts, if desired. In addition, users can rename SharePoint ribbon groups to something more meaningful, making it easier to relate a ribbon group to its respective Quest Web Part when multiple Web Parts are on a page.


Watch me demo these new features in my “What’s New in 5.6” Video Series!


As usual, fully functional 30-days trial version is available for download here: https://www.quest.com/.


- Curtis Kelly, Product Manager, @Curtis2Tall