We're Raising the Bar On Database Backup with Enhanced Support for MySQL and Informix

NetVault Backup offers some of the most comprehensive protection for today’s most popular enterprise databases. Its Oracle support, for example, earned it a "Best in Class" distinction from DCIG in their last Oracle Backup Buyer's Guide.


And now, with the release of two updated plug-ins, NetVault stepped up its game for protecting MySQL and Informix databases.


NetVault Backup has long supported MySQL. Prior to this new release, it worked primarily with the mysqldump and mysqlbinlog utilities included the MySQL Client package. Now NetVault Backup also supports MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB), allowing admins to efficiently protect very large databases. According to MySQL, MEB offers significant performance improvements over existing MySQL backup methods. Using NetVault Backup with MEB, admins can consolidate the backup and recovery of multiple storage engines into a single job and take advantage of the performance benefits and storage savings provided by MEB.


On the Informix front, NetVault Backup now offers support for Informix running on Red Hat Linux Enterprise 6.0 and HP-UX 11.31. Its Command Line Interface (CLI) has been enhanced too, adding options to make it easier to configure backups on a database level. Additionally, the Informix plug-in now supports encryption.


NetVault Backup helps protect enterprise databases while providing a reliable disaster recovery solution. It’s easy to use, yet will scale to meet the needs of even the most complex environments. We offer a 30-day free trial. Give NetVault Backup a try!