Rapid Recovery for ROBOs with NetVault FastRecover

Product Manager Shad Nelson recently recorded a short video demonstrating how NetVault FastRecover can be used to protect remote/branch offices (ROBOs). The solution supports a variety of disaster recovery scenarios. By replicating changes to protected datasets between NetVault FastRecover servers, he demonstrates how you can quickly restore current, recovery-ready copies of production data at a remote site using its infrastructure. This superior availability for distributed applications ensures you can meet aggressive recovery point and recovery time objectives for both local and remote sites.


Watch the video here:



On a related note, coming up on April 24th, John Maxwell, Quest's VP of Data Protection Products, will share a real-life story of how one company used NetVault FastRecover to protect its remote offices and maintain business continuity after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011. Sign up today! https://www.quest.com/events/