Ready for Linux?

 Linux is here to stay. It’s been around in some flavor or another for a long time, and it can find its roots in the earliest days of code. It’s fast, flexible, open, and it’s growing. Linux is a bit like a jelly bean factory- lots of flavors, most of them tasty, and at least on that makes you cringe. You already have some form of Linux running, and maybe you don’t have to be an expert today, but proficiency starts with usage.

Maybe you’re ready to make the leap and install Linux on your primary desktop device, but most folks aren’t. Maybe you are already a Linux master, and you need more security. Guess what you can do- load up a Linux distro on a USB drive and run it safely, portably, securely, and most importantly- flexibly. One of our acclaimed training advisors, Mike Pace, took the time to write up an example for creating an encrypted bootable USB on for you. He goes into a distro called Mint, but there’s loads of flavors, and many of them are capable of running from a flash drive. There’s even a website ( that’s gathered many instructables for exactly this purpose actually.

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