Recovery - What You Don't Know WILL Hurt You

Since AD is the core authentication method for many organizations, AD disasters can cause a significant impact on the business. Gary Olsen, a 20 year veteran in the IT industry and provider of advanced technical support through HP’s Customer Support Center shared his thoughts and stories in the Active Directory Forest Disaster Recovery: What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You brief. While he suggests that AD can be self-healing, he notes that there are AD failures that require recovery:


· Domain control failure

· Accidental bulk deletion of objects

· Domain failure

· Forest failure (and he notes that with this one, you just might lose sleep over it).


And, speaking of forest failure, Olsen notes that the real danger is often from IT staff that fail to recognize the causes of such a failure and fall short to prepare for such a disaster.


If you want to learn more about causes and case studies that Olsen has encountered, watch the webcast on demand or read the brief.