Recovery and Remediation After an Insider Attack A Job for Ben Grimm.

Recovery and remediation after a security breach or insider attack is truly a drag. You’ll spend a lot of time and money on it, just to get back to where you were before the whole mess started.

You need a Ben Grimm – The Thing from the Fantastic Four movie – with the superhuman strength and endurance to help you get through it. Somebody to holler, “It’s clobbering time!” as you finish closing down the attack vector, stamping out the malware and training the employees that brought about the security breach.

Who wouldn’t want to hurl a car at Dr. Doom – the personification of your insider threats – after all the havoc that a data breach could wreak in your organization?

Recovery and remediation — How much time and how much money?

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of recovery and remediation going around. Besides the high-profile cyber attacks and data breaches splashed across your news feed a few times a month, plenty of them take place on a much smaller scale, in companies you’ll never hear about. Anytime you connect lots of computers to lots of other computers, you have the potential for insider attacks, whether accidental or intentional.

We’re making available to you at no charge this year’s Insider Threat Spotlight Report, which Quest co-sponsored. The report uses the survey results from more than 500 cybersecurity professionals to paint a detailed picture of how they’re dealing with insider threats. Whether you’ve had to deal with an insider attack or not, you’ll find plenty of insights and ideas in this 36-page report.

For example, only 1 percent of respondents say that they can recover from an insider attack in less than a minute. That shouldn’t surprise you, but it may surprise you that most of your counterparts believe it would take as long as a week to recover. Who has a week to waste on just getting back to normal?

Your turn

Pages 28 and 29 of the report cover the speed of recovery and the cost of remediation. Have a look at the entire report and take in the landscape of how companies are dealing on multiple levels with insider threats and data breaches.

It’s too bad insider attacks have to be part of what you deal with. Quest co-sponsored the 2015 Insider Threat Spotlight Report to show you how your approach to preventing data breaches measures up against the approach of your colleagues across many industries.

Read it before it’s clobbering time in your organization.