Redefining Recovery: Week 3 of Quest Data Recovery Month

Today marks the start of week three of Data Recovery Month here at Quest Software. If you missed it last week, be sure to read Greg Davoll's blog post about the importance of quickly recovering critical applications in the face of today’s most pressing data protection challenges, many of which are rapidly evolving. Each day last week, we also shared a new recovery fact of the day on Twitter, highlighting some of the most interesting findings from our recent survey on the state of data recovery. Feel free to check them out at the hashtag #QuestDRM.

This week, in the spirit of data recovery month, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about a product that’s been gaining tons of momentum lately with Quest’s customers and partner. The product is called NetVault FastRecover. While NetVault Backup, vRanger, and LiteSpeed may be well known as the anchors of Quest’s comprehensive data protection portfolio—and you've got NetVault Extended Architecture (NetVault XA) to rule them all—it’s my firm belief that NetVault FastRecover is our secret weapon for recovery.

According to our customer survey, three-quarters of organizations now report that at least half of the data they product can be categorized as “mission critical.” Organizations depend on this data for their business to function. Prolonged downtime and data loss are simply unacceptable.

NetVault FastRecover is technically classified as a continuous data protection (CDP) solution, since it continually captures byte-level changes to production servers, eliminating the backup window in the process. But it’s much more than that. Unlike traditional CDP solutions, NetVault FastRecover offers “instant recovery” for Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server, and Windows file-system data. Using technology protected by 21 U.S. patents, NetVault FastRecover allows end users to start accessing recovered data seconds after they’ve initiated a restore. There’s no need for anyone to wait for the full recovery before resuming activities.

Because NetVault FastRecover offers instant recovery and zero backup windows, many compare it to replication. But unlike real-time replication solutions, NetVault FastRecover allows you to recover your data back to literally any point in time. If a file is accidentally deleted or corrupted on the production server, users have the power to turn back time and recover data to the second before the incident occurred. H.G. Wells would be impressed.

We used to think of NetVault FastRecover as the best kept secret of Quest’s data protection portfolio, but that’s quickly changing. NetVault FastRecover was recently a finalist for the Best of TechEd Award for Backup & Recovery, and its capabilities were explained by Jason Bovberg in an article in Windows IT Pro. Analyst Jerome Wendt at DCIG also recently published a case study detailing how the City of Montebello uses NetVault FastRecover to protect its 911 services. And most recently, NetVault FastRecover was also recently highlighted in an article by CRN’s Joe Kovar, in which a Quest partner was quoted as saying a demo of the product made him “swallow my gum.” That’s what I call redefining recovery!

So with Quest Data Recovery Month in full swing, now is a better time than ever to try NetVault FastRecover risk-free (provided you’re not chewing gum) for 30-days. And in between fits of amazement, follow us on Twitter to keep up with the Recovery Month conversation. Or better still – join it yourself at #QuestDRM.

Here's to Recovery!