Scanning Files - Do I need to scan everything?

When a server is added to the Managed Computers in Configuration Manager, all folders and files on that server are scanned for data on who has access to files and folders and what permissions do they have on these files and folders. This is the default setting.
The question is, “Do I need to scan everything?” The answer is no.
In fact it is better not to subject your servers to a full scan unless you need to for some reason such as regulatory requirements. Scanning only the folders and files that the users have access to, is a much better solution than scanning all folders and files. In addition, scanning only the user folders and files will reduce the load on the server and will limit any reports to just the files which are important to you, your users and the company.
As mentioned, by default all files are scanned once the agent is installed. To change this setting is a simple process. Once you add a server to the Managed Computers, select the computer and edit the Agent Properties. You can do this by selecting the computer and then select Edit from the bar above the computers or right click on the server and select Edit as seen below.
The Agent Properties will open giving you the Details of the agent install on the server. You need to select the Scopes tab as seen in the center below. Depending on the type of agent install there could be additional tabs displayed, but we want the Scopes tab.
After selecting the Scopes tab you will notice that the All Files check box is selected. This is the Agent’s default setting for scanning files.

Unselect the All Files check box and any drives on the server are displayed.

Clicking on the plus sign next to the drive will expand the drive and list all of the folders. You can expand, like Windows Explorer, any folder that you like to get to the users files you want to scan.

There is no need to select all of the child folders as select the root will automatically select and scan the child folders and files.

Once you have select the folders to scan, select the OK button. You will get the message below.

The folders and file you have select are now being scanned. You can check which folders and files you are scanning at any time by selecting the managed computer, right click and select Edit then select Scopes. You will see the Folders which have been selected.

By selecting specific folders for scanning you will improve the time take for the scan and reduce the work load of the agent on the server. You will also remove or reduce needless information from your reports.