Secretly Automate Reports… and Impress Your Boss


It’s 4:57 p.m. on Friday and you’re counting the seconds until you can go home. And that’s when you get the dreaded call from your boss.

“Hi, Peter. Bill Lumbergh here.”

“You remember that report you sent me two weeks ago?” he asks. “Yeah, I’m gonna need you to resend it now, but update it with fresh data. I’ve got a flight to Chicago this weekend, and I want to read it on the plane.”

Now it’s 4:59, and you’ve got a lot more than a minute of work to do. Unless you have the kind of business analyst toolset that can run reports for you, automatically.

That’s the sound of angels singing

With report automation, you can impress your boss and save your sanity. That’s why it’s an absolutely critical component of any data analytics solution. It lets you schedule and generate reports in just a few clicks.

Oh, go on!

All right. A good analytics tool will make it fast and easy to automate your whole data preparation workflow. It’ll grab all the data requested and automate every task, from data cleansing to data profiling to provisioning datasets and reports.

Then, it’ll output it to any format you want, whether that’s a report, a spreadsheet or an HTML page. And you can do all of this proactively, so you look like you’re working harder than ever ― when you’re really just outsmarting the system.

Employee of the decade

So you know that report he’s always asking for first thing Monday morning, when you’re busy doing something else? Now you can set it to run and send by 6 a.m. each Monday, so he thinks you’ve been up since 4 working on it. Do the same for your Friday evening report, and everyone will leave the office happy and on time.

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