Secure fast granular recovery - get it with SharePoint 2010 and Quest Recovery Manager

By Ilia Sotnikov


Unprecedentedly fast granular SharePoint restore comes to the new world of SharePoint 2010. As the Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 launch date becomes closer and closer Microsoft partners and ISVs are updating the products they offer, and Quest is no exception here. Today we're proud to publish the technical preview of Quest Recovery Manager for SharePoint 3.5 that brings all its great features to SharePoint 2010 deployments, including but not limited to:

  • Secure fast granular restore from SQL database backups, including backups created with native SQL tools and with leading 3rd party backup software
  • Automatic backup analysis to make backups searchable as they become available
  • Simultaneous search across multiple backups and live SharePoint Recycle Bins with a single query
  • Emergency access to data from backups even when SharePoint infrastructure is not available
  • Support for several levels of delegation and secure delineation of duties between different members of IT teams - you don't have to be Backup Operator to do the restore!
  • Audit trails of all restore operations


And many more.


These features have been released in version 3.5 of Recovery Manager. You can get the latest build here.


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