#Securityin Context Delivered with ChangeAuditor 6.0

It’s here. Today ChangeAuditor 6.0 is being released. If you’re familiar with ChangeAuditor from previous releases, you need to take a look. This release is a significant undertaking – while recognizing the investment many customers have in ChangeAuditor. If you’re an existing ChangeAuditor customer, you’ll appreciate the upgrade, which was completely redone to allow you to continue to audit and receive alerts _while_ the product is upgrading your data. No longer do you need to plan a weekend to upgrade ChangeAuditor. Of course we’ll preserve all your settings and customizations as well.


ChangeAuditor 6 removes boundaries we advised against crossing in previous releases. Agent, Coordinator and Database architecture and communication has been redone to significantly increase capacity and speed while maintaining all the functionality you’re used to – real-time auditing, protection, alerts, reporting…it’s all there. The new architecture also means you can store more data, a LOT more data. We’ve redone our SQL database so that not only can you store more data, but the queries that run the user interface are even more progressive – they return the most recent data immediately, so you can instantly work with the events, while we retrieve the older events – you now have a much more complete picture across a longer time span.


There’s some new and unique capabilities that we want to share with you as well. ChangeAuditor 6 provides single click context around events in a few ways. First we can tell you more about the users doing the changes or the users being changed; Who are they, what groups do they belong to and how did they get access, how can you contact them. No more looking this up in Outlook when you need to know more about a user. The same goes for your servers – what processes and services are running on them, what version of Windows is it, what files and folders are being shared? If it’s an Exchange server – you’d want to know more about the Exchange Databases –where are they, how big are they? ChangeAuditor now enables you to get the information you need at the click of the mouse. One of the most loved features of our beta customers was the “Related Searches” which allows you to quickly see related changes – from the same user, on the same object, changes of the same type, even from the same remote machine making the change! When security is in question, you don’t have time to write new queries or figure out some programming language – you need answers FAST! ChangeAuditor enables you with real time information collected at the time of the event – and then any related information just a mouse click away!


Another thing that will benefit our users is the ability to roll changes back – honoring the logged on users rights to AD AND validating the change against other changes that might have occurred after the change you’re currently viewing. Armed with this information, you have a lot more confidence about rolling back a change than just hoping for the best.


Finally – if you’re familiar with the ChangeAuditor web client in the previous releases, you’ll want to take a look at the completely rewritten Web Console. We’ve listened to your feedback and made the new web console a full operations console – with editing and saving capabilities. We also now enable you to create your own web widgets (with a single checkbox), so you can create custom dashboards that fit your needs. Do you need to show users All SharePoint site activity for Europe? How about “All non-owner email access for executives”? Now you can create and email links to these custom dashboards and allow your users to get answers they need – without taking up your time. There is also the new control to allow you to view events plotted on a time line, so you can see suspicious activity plotted along the day, week, month or year. This new web control also supports grouping and filtering so it’s even easier to get the context of changes when viewed in association to the other events happing in your environment.


ChangeAuditor 6 is a significant release that incorporates a lot of our customers feedback and requests. We’re very proud of this release and think it will help be more proactive, more secure and ultimately more aware of what’s going on in your environment, in a clean and simple interface that provides you with answers quickly. We hope you like it and keep the feedback coming!


Want to know more about security in context with Change Auditor 6.0? Check out this white paper by Randy Franklin Smith or watch the archived webcast!