See you at Velocity NYC

Velocity New York is just a few days away (Oct 14-16) and the Foglight team will be there! Velocity brings together a ‘who’s who’ of web performance and APM vendors to share ideas, best practices and talk about the latest techniques for web optimization. I’ll be giving a talk on Mining for Gold: How Browser, Network and Application Trace Mash-Ups Can Boost Application Performance - a topic that should be useful for any organization trying to deliver the best possible web experience for their online visitors. George Reese, bestselling author whose works include The REST API Design Handbook and Cloud Application Architectures, will be joining me on stage on October 15 at 5pm to talk about modern application architectures and how the tools you are using to tune them might be letting you down.


Velocity is all about helping organizations build a faster and stronger web. Dozens of vendors are on-hand to give prospects a deep-dive into techniques and tools that will help them to better conduct business via the web and deliver the best possible web experience to their customers. But there are so many underlying technology aspects that contribute to that top-notch user experience. If not built and managed properly, your organization’s bottom line is affected.


This leads to my topic of discussion at the conference: How browser, network and application trace mash-ups can boost application performance. Modern architectures include auto-scaling, performance A/B testing, and migration to external web services. That means transactions can flow through and beyond your environment in every direction at once. Application behavior is much too dynamic and the only way to really understand the performance of your application and what scalability limits lurk within is to follow the transactions flowing through it.


Come see me at Velocity to learn why custom code, single node profilers, and log scraping simply don’t do enough to find the logical and physical bottlenecks in your application and the tools available that can automatically tie performance end-to-end, from the end user’s browser all the way to the database, that understand the competition for shared resources and how they correlate to transaction performance.