Setup Object types in E-Business aren't migratable. I care to differ.

There was a time in the not so distant past where one would say, “Setup Objects, Configuration Objects, AOL objects just simply can’t be migrated – they have to be recreated in each environment”. Well, like the famous quote in the great 1976 classic movie “The Pink Panther Strikes Again” after Chief Inspector Clouseau accidentally reduces a Priceless Steinway piano to a pile of splinters and Mrs. Leverlilly says, “But that's a priceless Steinway!” “Not anymore” (said with a French accent). Not being able to migrate Setups/Configs/AOL objects will soon be a thing of the past. You may want to sit down before you read the next statement.

Enter Stat for the Oracle E-Business Suite. We’re in the process of creating libraries of objects that, before now, CAN be created once in Development and then migrated to the environment of your choosing with a simple drag and drop the same way you do today with all other supported objects. So, imagine spending say, 25 hours creating one setup object and then spending, say 2.5 minutes archiving and migrating that object to the environment of your choosing? Holy Cow! You get to see your family again! You get to hear birds chirping and smell some roses along the way again! Imagine being able to say to your Manager/Director/CIO, “hey, remember all the time we used spend creating and recreating setup objects?” “Yea, not so much anymore”. Now we do it in a fraction of the time. Then show him/her the cost savings. Once she/he recovers from fainting, go ahead and ask for a raise. Yea, it’s that easy.