SharePlex Impact-free Migrations for SAP

For years, organizations have enjoyed the benefits that SharePlex brings when performing various kinds of migrations. In the past, these have always been migrations from a current platform running some version of Oracle to another platform which could be the same or a different version of Oracle. Migrations have typically involved moving to a platform with better performance combined with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).  The TCO savings were often generated by a more comprehensive management solution coupled with the increased compute power at lower capital costs. When all was said and done, Oracle was now running on a lower cost platform.


While picking a favorite database could become the basis for a religious war among some of us, there are some characteristics which trend. Oracle is generally acknowledged as the most comprehensive and sophisticated database platform in the world. It has pricing which would support that. However, do organizations need all these capabilities? SAP is betting that you don’t and that simpler means a lower TCO. Specifically, Bloor research has indicated that Sybase ASE was more economical in 85% of cost measures and over 20% less expensive in the areas of licensing, administration, support and more. The research is based on survey results from users of both Oracle and Sybase. Perhaps one of the most interesting results in this survey was whether Sybase required fewer database administrators than Oracle, the same or more database administrators. Slightly under 40% felt that Oracle and Sybase required the same number of database administrators. Just over 60% felt the fewer Sybase database administrators. Most interesting was that 0% of respondents felt Oracle required fewer database administrators.


For those running SAP and desired a lower TCO on their database, if only there was a way to migrate users from Oracle to SAP Sybase ASE without incurring the downtime associated with such a move. With SharePlex’s ability to replicate from Oracle to Sybase, this is possible. The same impact-free capabilities which have existed for years in migrations where Oracle remained the database are now possible in Oracle to Sybase and Oracle to SAP HANA migrations. The release of Quest SharePlex version 8.5 and ZeroIMPACT Migration Services for SAP brings high availability to such migrations.


Ed. Note: This post was authored by Bill Brunt, Product Manager, Quest