SharePlex in the Cloud

SharePlex has been successfully tested under the Amazon AWS environment (Linux). For the most part, installing and running under the Amazon AWS environment is not much different then a standard Linux environment. However, there are few best practices that should be followed in order to properly configure and run applications like SharePlex or Oracle.


  • SharePlex should be installed on an Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volume(s). An EBS volume is persistent storage, while the default Amazon storage is non-persistent and data is lost when the instance shuts down.
  • EBS volumes not only provide persistence but also provide better performance. EBS storage is similar to NAS/SAN storage.
  • For applications like Oracle or SharePlex, you can optimize disk performance by creating multiple EBS volumes and either combine them using software raid or for Oracle you can ASM to distribute I/O across multiple volumes. Benchmarks have indicated that the optimal number of EBS volumes is 8. After that, gains drop off. Minimal size for a volume is 1GB.
  • By default EC2 instances are assigned IP addresses via DHCP. Shareplex requires a static IP. Amazon Elastic IP are static and need to be created and assigned to both the source and target machines.

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For a list of publicly available Oracle AMI images visit:


Authored by Jim Collings, SharePlex for Oracle Sr. Product Architect