#SharePoint2010SP1 - Quest is ready #qSharePoint

Somewhere around the end of June (so like now) Microsoft will release Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2010. A Service Pack is usually a very important milestone in the life cycle of a Microsoft product, and none more so than an SP1! The first SharePoint 2010 Service Pack rolls up tons of patches and fixes of the past year and adds a few significant features.


So how does this impact your Quest Software Tools for SharePoint?


First off, rest assured, your Quest Software tools for SharePoint will be truly SP1 ready shortly after SP1 is released. We will test it right away and if we find issues, we will release fixes pronto, within 30 days.


However, we anticipate that for the most part they will continue to work without any necessary release fixes; service packs rarely remove functionality. To be on the safe side, once the Service Pack is officially released we will do some very quick testing and let you guys know of any issues. Sometimes a last minute change creeps in so it’s hard to tell 100% from the Beta builds of these service packs if we will be completely fine after release. Look for more details here on this blog on www.quest.com/community as SP1 rolls out.


Now there are some features in SP1 that are interesting as well.

  1. 1- SiteRecycle Bin. Microsoft continues its incremental increase of functionality in the Recycle bin. With SP1, folks with the proper permissions will be able to recover site collections and sites through a new Self-Service process. This adds to existing similar functionality in the recycle bin for lists and documents. Recovery Manager for SharePoint will continue to be able to index these and to naturally continue adding value when the recycle bin isn’t there for you (like when yourSharePoint server is down and you need that document now!!)
  2. 2- ShallowCopy – This is the most “technical” of the new features, and relates to how site collections are moved when you are using BLOB storage (like with Storage Maximizer for SharePoint from Quest). Pre- SP1 a Site collection move required a lot of copying of the data around, but now with Shallow copy the pointers are simply updated, making BLOB storage even better! As a side note, try out our free Externalization Savings Calculator to determine if external BLOB storage is right for you: https://www.quest.com/
  3. 3- StorMan– Remember the old storman tool from SharePoint 2007. It took a bit of a holiday with the SharePoint 2010 release but it’s back and better in SP1. While still no where as capable as SiteAdministrator for SharePoint, it’s a nice to have for ad hoc simple storage reports. Or you can simplify your life even more and use the free on-demand SiteAdministrator reports tool: https://www.quest.com/


You can get more info on the new features of SP1 here: https://products.office.com/en-US/sharepoint/collaboration?ms.officeurl=sharepoint