SharePoint 2010 to 2010 Migration Beta

Okay, you have just completed upgrading your SharePoint farm(s) to SharePoint 2010. The native upgrade options won't let you upgarde-and-reorg, so if you didn't rationalize/clean up your databases and sites before upgrade - you end up with exactly the same topology.

If you have SharePoint governance rules and policies in place, your existing SharePoint sttucture is likely to be in good shape - congratulations! If you haven't, you might want to assess and reorganise your farm to improve content discoverability, optimize SharePoint storage and backup times, etc. You may also have multiple instances of SharePoint 2010 running which you want to consolidate to a single highly-available and well-managed farm.

We are working on a tool that helps you do just that: consolidate, reorganize and migrate SharePoint 2010 sites and content within a single farm or across farms. Migration Manager for SharePoint 3.1 is coming out later this year, but a beta build is here for you to try!

Beta Download

Download the beta bits from here. There is a quick evaluation guide (readme.doc) included in the beta zip file.

Beta Period

There is an included trial key good till Nov 15. All product functionality is unlocked for the trial period.

Beta Support and Feedback

Go to this discussion forum on Quest's SharePoint For All community site to get help, ask questions and leave your feedback.

Give it a try and let us know!