SharePoint Day 2 Recap

Today the conference really got down to business. First up was the keynote from Steve Ballmer. This is the Microsoft CEO's first time he has attended a SharePoint show and he was caught up in the energy of the event. He got the job done, putting forward the case for SharePoint 2010. Tom Rizzo and others presented as well. Then the SharePoint 2010 tap was turned on and the blogosphere was flooded with 2010 news!

Over 7000 attendees registered and it seemed like most were in the room!

The Crowd went on for miles! Steve Ballmer laying out the Scope of the SharePoint

2010 world


Afterwards we all headed downstairs, around the corner, down more stairs, around more corners to the room where Quest's own Joel Oleson and Mike Watson were presenting. Even though the room was hard to find, looks like over 200 of you did. Joel reviewed the day in the life of a SharePoint 2010 administrator and even upgraded his blog (albeit a copy) to SharePoint 2010 live! Awesome turnout.

Room was packed for Joel and Mike!!


Finally once the day was done we had our customer appreciation dinner. We all huffed it off to the Trump Hotel for cocktails and the usual excellent Vegas dinner fare. Our customers are really the backbone of our product roadmap so it was great to treat them to we hope a really rewarding dinner.

cocktails followed by... Supper!


Finally day 2 came to a (late) end and Day 3 dawns soon. Look for tomorrow's recap!!