SharePoint Migration Notes from the Field "Analysis"

Migrations are a messy business and continue to be deliver blows and bruises for those of you considering, delivering and recovering from them.

I am working on a process that I have learned over the years and will be exposing this over several entries.

Take the time to do a good "Analysis" and what does that really mean.

  1. Need a deep understanding of the Target Environment
  1. What are the reserved Field Names
  2. What are the built in Content Types
  3. What Features have been replaced, depricated and added
  1. Shared Service Providers (SSP) for Service Applications
  2. Metadata and the Term Store
  3. Social Tagging
  • Is the content standardized
  • What are the business drivers behind the migration
  1. What works today
  1. Ensure you don't remove functionality that is critical to the business
  • What doesn't work today
  1. It is important to fix this but pick the low hanging fruit first
  • What can be left behind and what should be moved forward
  1. How many versions are really necessary
  2. What are the blocked file types
  3. What is the size limitation
  4. What is the range both type and date that needs to be moved
  5. What are the compliance or retention policies

This is a limited subset of the Full Analysis but should be enough to get you started.

In the next entry we will discuss rationalization and reporting and how that makes or breaks your project.