#SharePointPerformance: Monitor SQL Database Index Fragmentation with this FREE #qSharePoint rule from @JMikeWatson

If your SharePoint is having performance issues, one of the reasons could be SQL database index fragmentation.


Index fragmentation occurs when the logical order of pages in a table or index (as defined by the index key) differs from the physical order of the pages in the data files. It can also mean that the data density on data file pages is low, which results in wasted disk space, memory, and I/Os. Index fragmentation can be the result of many inserts, updates, or deletions to a table (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262731.aspx).


Some index fragmentation is normal, but as fragmentation grows it becomes harder for SQL to perform queries. Fragmentation greater than 90% can hamper SharePoint performance by making common SharePoint database queries slow to perform.


Quest has a free tool that can help you monitor and pinpoint performance issues in your SharePoint server environment and with the help of Mike Watson of https://www.seriouslabz.com/ and @JMikeWatson, you can monitor and measure the level of database indices fragmentation and determine the appropriate action to take!


  1. Download Quest Software's FREE SharePoint Server monitoring tool called Server Administrator for SharePoint to monitor and analyze your SharePoint performance issues.
  2. Then download and importMike Watson's FREE SharePoint Celebrity Rule for Server Administrator for SharePoint entitled: Monitor for Database Index Fragmentationso you can quickly determine and measure the level of fragmentation in your database indices and take the appropriate action.


Download these FREE tools today!

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