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For today only, April 19, you can download Web Parts for SharePoint for free and simplify SharePoint application development and customization for your entire organization.


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Get started quickly by watching our Quick-Start videos. Or, check out the Web Parts Discussion Forum to get your questions answered by your SharePoint peers and Quest experts.


About Quest Web Parts for SharePoint


Quest Web Parts is a powerful solution that’s proven to save customers like FMC Corporation, Novartis and the Redland City Council time and money.


Whether you’re a SharePoint developer, administrator or even a power user, Quest Web Parts doesn’t require depth of knowledge or development expertise. Rather, it simplifies SharePoint customization by enabling anyone to:

  1. Drag a web part onto a page
  2. And configure it using built-in editors


Quest Web Parts are easily repeatable on multiple sites. So for SharePoint developers – you can create a customization once and then reuse the work in multiple places.

Download Quest Web Parts for free today!