Smokey Robinson and the Stat Data Replicator

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People Say I'm The Life of the Party…Because I {Move} A {Row} Or Two.

Before joining Quest I was a full time PeopleSoft Administrator/DBA. During most times, I was pretty busy with a lot of activity; I’d move data and configuration setups from here to there. Even though I’m a geek I can sometimes be fun to hang out with.


Although I Might Be Laughing Loud and Hearty Deep Inside I'm Blue…

If you’ve ever implemented a new Stat Service Domain from scratch then you know you’ve got your afternoon planned out pretty well. That’s not to say it’s as harrowing as doing a PeopleSoft Bundle or Service Pack though.


So Take A Good Look At My Face… You'll see My Smile Looks Out Of Place…

There are those out there that have looked for shortcuts to cloning or duplicating a Stat Service Domain using various methods. And I also know of those that have actually tried to duplicate a Stat Service Domain themselves going directly against the underlying setup tables via SQLPlus, or more appropriately via TOAD, and have fallen flat on their face. (And believe me, it cost me some gray hair to recover from that one! I mean it took those people time to recover from their mistake.)


If You Look Closer…It’s Easy to Trace…

…the time savings by using the Stat Data Replicator. Let’s take a closer look at the Data Replicator. The Stat Data Replicator is the most efficient, and Quest support approved, method of cloning or copying, one Service Domain to another. For example, if you currently had Stat installed for Human Resources, and the company than decided to implement a new Financials application, you could use the Stat Data Replicator to copy, or clone, over the HR Service Domain and use that as the basis of your impending Financials installation. This should save you a lot of time on the overall process.


Now, let’s say you find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to clone the entire Service Domain. Perhaps you just like a particular Business Rule in one Service Domain and want to be able to use it in the other. Not a problem! With the Stat Data Replicator, you can pick and choose what parts of the Service Domain you want to be able to clone over. Figure 1 below shows some of the values that can be cloned across to either another Service Domain, or the Same Service Domain on a different server - such as Development and Production.



Figure 1:


Another great use for the Stat Data Replicator is testing out new configurations. If you have two separate Stat environments such as “Stat Development” and “Stat Production”, instead of having to re-key any new configuration items you’ve created manually, you can use the Stat Data Replicator to quickly, and more importantly error-free, that configuration data from Development to Production in a the ‘blink of an eye’.


Think in terms of

1. Stat Agent Jobs

2. CSR Templates

3. Pre & Post Migration Steps

4. Stat User Security Setup


Figures 2 below show additional values that can be duplicated:


Figure 2:

Since You Left Me If You See Me with another Girl Seeming Like I'm having Fun…
Well then, I probably am having fun! Hey, I used the Stat Data Replicator and now I’m going to take off from work early today! All I have to do now is write a quick Blog Post about this and then I’m out of here.


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Now, I had a bit of trouble with this line. Not only am I a geek, I’m a geek who’s been married for 19 years. So, if I was to say my 2004 Nitrous-Injected, 4:10 Trac-Lok Geared, Mustang is my first love, then my wife may read this one day and I’ll get in trouble. Problem is: Both are pretty cute. The Mustang will (have to) be the substitute while she’s not around. (I believe there’s actually a DSM-IV code for this now…)


So Take A Good Look At My Face…

For additional details, scenarios, and system requirements: Please see “Data Replicator” under the chapter entitled “Administrative Utilities” in the Stat Administrators Guide.


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And now I’m just about done with this blog and this song.


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Feet hitting the street… Thanks for reading! See You Soon!

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William R. Hart

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  1. P.S. For those of you who now have the song stuck in your head, here’s the iTunes link to get Smokey Robinsons “The Tracks of My Tears”.