Sneak Peek: Boost your Backups with vRanger and Data Domain Boost

Here at Quest, we strive to provide solutions that integrate seamlessly with our customers’ environments, and we partner with industry-leading companies such as EMC to ensure that they do. We will soon be previewing (as part of the vRanger beta program) an exciting new capability that allows vRanger customers to get the most out of their EMC Data Domain appliances – Data Domain Boost.

EMC Data Domain Boost extends the optimization capabilities of Data Domain solutions. With DD Boost, parts of the deduplication process are distributed to the vRanger server or virtual appliance, enabling it to send only unique data segments to a Data Domain system. This dramatically increases the aggregate throughput, and can reduce the amount of data transferred over the network by 80 to 99 percent. These efficiencies can help eliminate future costs by leveraging your existing backup servers and Ethernet networks.

If you have a Data Domain appliance, you should really sign up for the beta program to try this for yourself. Here are just a few reasons:

· It has seamless integration with vRanger - just add a DD Boost repository in vRanger and you’re done!

· You can preview how well this reduces network bandwidth and speeds backups in your specific environment

· You can see how the advanced link failover capabilities helps keep your backups operational when unforeseen network problems hit

· You will have the opportunity to interact directly with vRanger engineers and product management to provide your input on issues and future enhancements

You’ll get a lot more of the juicy details and training once you’re enrolled in the beta program. So don’t delay – we look forward to hearing your input and feedback as we preview how you can boost your backups with vRanger and Data Domain during the upcoming beta program.