So, I bought your migration software...what should I do now?

Migration projects are typically complex and highly visible within an organization. In addition, most organizations do not need to tackle them with any frequency, so internal resources may not have the experience required to properly plan and execute a migration. These factors equate to additional risk.

As a result, many migration solutions include a services component to help organizations navigate the planning process and prepare for the migration activity. Securing experienced migration resources is money well spent and the investment will pay dividends throughout the project.

"But, Chad, I am responsible for a small (but crucial) migration and we don't have the budget for outside help;" or

"We just want to know some of the available options and scenarios to assist with our planning process;" or

"It would be helpful to know the 'typical' migration process so we can see if it meets our needs."

Historically, Quest's Notes and GroupWise migration documentation focused more on software operation and not as much on the migration process variations. In reality, no document can provide the same information as an experienced migration resource, because the proper guidance depends on the environmental and situational factors of each project.

However, we do understand the value in providing additional scenario information. As a result, I have been working on a "GroupWise Migration Process & Scenarios" document. The topics covered in the document include:

  • Pre-Migration Preparations
  • Without existing Active Directory security objects
  • With existing Active Directory security objects
  • With existing Active Directory mail-enabled objects
  • With existing Exchange mailboxes
  • Batch Migration (Server-side / Admin-driven)
  • Per-Desktop Migrations (Self-service)
  • Post-Migration Clean-Up
  • Alternate Scenarios
  • Migration to Hosted Platforms
  • Office 365
  • Live@edu
  • BPOS-S
  • BPOS-D
  • Offline Migration
  • Staged Migrations
  • Silent Mode

I hope the information provided in these documents will be valuable as you begin to plan your migration.

The GroupWise version of the document is under review and should be available in the next few weeks. I will post a copy to the community when it is ready. Notes is next!