Software User Forum - Bloopers and Outtakes

Wardrobe malfunctions, onstage falls, and surprises? Not on my watch!

However, embarrassing gaffes, forgetful lines, and cursing faux pas are my specialty.

On October 20-22, I had the pleasure of narrating a series of videos from the Dell World Software User Forum. While I believe I am destined for the silver screen, I’m not without my awkward moments. Much to the laughter and encouragement from my fellow co-workers, I am presenting you with a rare glimpse from behind-the-scenes of my most recent goofs.

So… Get ready to chuckle until your cheeks are swollen and your sides ache. And, please be kind. I’m still a star-in-training after all! 

Once you've gotten all the laughs out of your system, see some highlights from attendees at Dell World 2015 and the Software User Forum in Austin, Texas.