Some notes about TEC 2012 in San Diego (part 2)

As I wrote in previous post, most sessions on TEC event were about enterprise server software.


But many people were also interested in mobile devices and asked Microsoft how these devices can be integrated into enterprise environment.


There was the session about Quest Mobile IT product by product manager Chris Ashley and it was really crowded there.


He explained that it is real challenge for companies to allow their employees to work mobile from any device like iPad, Blackberry Playbook or some Win- or Android-based device. You can try to write your own application, but each platform has different development environment and its own app store, where you need to pass some certifications before application will be available.


Quest has cool solution that can help here – Quest Mobile IT. Quest Mobile IT helps to bring enterprise software to mobiles. It consists of server, which talks to your internal applications (using PowerShell for example) and mobile application, which allows you to manage your enterprise via that server. All mobile applications are already available on popular platforms, and all you need is just creating script-based pack for your product. There are free packs for some Quest products available: Quest ChangeAuditor, Quest GPOADmin and Quest Foglight for Active Directory. And as far as I know, there are plans for ActiveRoles and Recovery Manager packs.


PS:Chris Ashley is one of the creators of SimpleMobile Review podcast about mobile phones and people using themJ I liked it and recommend you to try: