Spotlight on Product: vRanger with Jason Mattox

Author: Daryll Swager, Community Manager @Vizioncore

Today, I had a chance to discuss the vRanger Pro product with Jason Mattox, the CTO and Vice President of Support for Vizioncore. The focus of the conversation revolved around the things that he likes about the vRanger Technology, and a look ahead to the exciting concepts in backup technology that will drive Vizioncore's product development efforts in 2010.

Jason Mattox

Jason has 12 years of experience in IT consulting, during which he has focused on consolidation and virtualization from the desktop to the enterprise level. A hands-on technologist, he continues to design many of the features incorporated into market-leading virtualization backup and recovery solution vRanger Pro, as well as key features of Vizioncore's other virtualization-enhancing products.

In addition to his role overseeing delivery of support services to Vizioncore clients, Jason regularly conducts Road Map presentations on best practices and future directions, and advises channel partners and customers about disaster recovery and business continuity implementations.

Jason, what generally excites you about the vRanger Pro product?

You know, the concept of "Backup" has hardly changed over the years. Almost every software vendor has just been building on this framework of new data, new agent, new data to backup. What excites me is the idea that we can turn this particular subject upside-down in a way, by thinking about the "new data" concept in a different way.

Why not just pull the data from an image level backup that has already been done or can be done going forward? Why not break the cycle of just adding another agent or adding more data that has to be piled on top of all the existing types of data in the datacenter today? This data is duplicate data, already contained inside images today. We have a real opportunity to start thinking about backup differently, and this is something that people are really going to start adopting this year.

What exciting things can we look forward to in 2010 with the vRanger Pro product?

I think mature application level recovery from Images is going to be one of the most exciting pieces of functionality coming up in 2010.

Using Application Level Recovery provides us the ability to recover files, databases, individual emails, and a pretty wide array of other objects. Being able to recover all of these different types of objects using a single image level backup is going to change the way we think about backups today.

Please look for more blogs on backup and recovery, and other exciting topics, coming up soon.