Stat Central Agent Jobs; you may need more than you think!

Q: Who needs to read this?  A: Stat Administrators

Q: Who can freely ignore this?  A: Stat Developers, Stat Functional Users. 

How many jobs do you have?  1, 2, 3?  That’s it?  If you've got less than 5 jobs, and I don’t mean to offend, but you might want to look at that...

You Need More Jobs!

Why you ask?  You already work 60 hours a week as it is.  Between the commute, the Little League
coaching, Habitat for Humanity, and your basket weaving 101, you barely sleep as it is. 
The audacity that I tell people they need additional jobs!  
The Impudence!

Please slow down. Not that kind of job.   
I’m referring to the Stat Central Agent Jobs.   And here’s why:
According to the Stat System Administrator’s Guide:  “After you install the Stat Central Agent, there are certain jobs you need to define and schedule.”  

Note that is does not say “you should consider…” or “you might want to…” or “if you happen to be in the neighborhood…

It says “…you need to define...”

This is done in the Stat Central Agent Job Maintenance table.  To open the Central Agent Job Maintenance window from within Stat do the following:   

On the main Stat tool bar: Select Maintenance > Stat Central Agent > Job Maintenance.

This is the Stat Central Agent Job Maintenance table.  It displays the number of jobs you have setup.
It also shows whether those jobs setup are ‘Enabled’ or ‘Disabled’.

BONUS: Do you have several Disabled or Inactive rows on a maintenance table?
Are you frustrated looking at them knowing you cannot delete them due to auditing?
Then please see a previous Blog written entitled “Put a Filter On The Content!

Now for the real value!
Here are the questions you need answers to:

  1. Based on my applications such as PeopleSoft, Oracle eBusiness Suite, or Custom Applications, which jobs do I need?
  2. If I have two different Service Domains (I.e. FIN & CRM) do I need to setup these jobs per Service Domain?
  3. How often should a “Purge” Job be run compared to a “PS Object Lock” job and similar?
  4. Should specific jobs be run more than once a day, week, or month?  
    1. Which ones?
    2. What determines the best run schedule?
    3. What are the factors to consider before selecting a job, and setting the execution time(s) of a job?

Got those five points listed above? Great! Now let’s move on to…
Ah… Bill?
Yes Reader?
Thanks for this highly informative, and may I add visually stunning, blog post.  I now understand that I
should have X-amount of Stat Central Agent jobs running in perpetuity. 
However, I've never set one up before and I really don’t want to blow up my servers and have my
boss call me at 3:00 am and do his “Scarface” monologue on me...


Good Point! In that case you would want to do one or both of the following items:

  1. Contact your Stat Account Manager and ask for a “Customer Care Call”.  
    Account Managers are:

                                       i.      Dupal Patel (East Coast US & Canada)

                                     ii.      Ashley Siedlak (Central US)

                                    iii.      Tom Ditonto (West Coast US)

  1. Open a Support Ticket and ask those really smart folks in Stat Support to assist you in answering
    the above questions.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and I hope you found it worth your time.



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