Stat Reporting: Add Copyright Notice & Watermark to your reports in Jaspersoft Studio (P-III of a series)

Topic:  Adding a copyright notice and a watermark to all Stat reports in the new Jaspersoft Studio.

iReport End of Life: The Jaspersoft iReport product will only be supported until the end of 2015.  Maintenance and creation of reports will be done in “Jaspersoft Studio” (JSS).

iReport/Jaspersoft Studio Support Announcement
As of version 5.5.0, Jaspersoft Studio will be the official design client for JasperReports.  iReport will remain as a supported product in maintenance-only mode until December 31, 2015, meaning we will continue to fix critical defects in upcoming releases but no new features will be added to the iReport client. Continue to maintain your existing reports with the new Jaspersoft Studio!             
- Courtesy Jaspersoft.

The following is Part III in the series on Stat and the new Jaspersoft Studio (JSS) toolkit for creating and modifying reports delivered with the Stat application. 
If you have not installed Jaspersoft Studio (JSS) into your Stat environment please see the first in the series entitled “Stat Reporting: Intro to Jaspersoft Studio (P-I of a series)”. 

Our Scenario:  We work for “ACME Anvil, Inc.” and have implemented Stat in our organization.  The 200+ delivered reports are certainly suitable for our needs; however, there’s a few key items needed:   Our legal department has notified us that every report generated must have the following items:

#1: Watermark: All reports must have a watermark in the background of the report stating “ACME Anvil, Inc.”

#2: Copyright Notice: All reports generated must have a copyright notice on each page in the footer section.


The end result should look as follows: 

A valid concern could be that raised the amount of time required to customize well over 200 reports that are delivered with the Stat product could be impracticable given the current workload.   Opening each and every report file and adding multiple values across the entirety could be daunting!   

Fortunately, there’s a straightforward way of accomplishing both of these tasks by editing just one file located on the Stat Central Agent.

It’s a five step process:

  • Step I: Locate the file that needs to be adjusted.
  • Step II: Take a backup of the file before editing.
  • Step III: Edit the file.  Update the copyright notice and add a watermark.
  • Step IV: Restart the Stat Central Agent.
  • Step V: Test the results.

Step I. Locate the needed File:   

The file we want to modify is called “”.   We can find the file in the “report” sub-directory of the Stat Central Agent (SCA). 

If you are unsure where your SCA is located, there are several methods to find the value.  You can ask your Stat Administrator for the value.  You can also check on your local system to see where the global variable “STAT_HOME” is pointed.  

To do this load a DOS Command Window, or DOS command prompt.  In Windows open the Start > Run menu and type “cmd” into the “Run” window.   

 Img: DOS_Prompt.

This will load a DOS Command prompt for you. 

At the prompt type “Set” and press <Enter>


In the list produced, locate the “STAT_HOME” value.  The value points to the SCA’s home directory.  

In the above screenshot you can see that my STAT_HOME points to “W:\Stat_Cntrl_Agnt_574”.  

With File Explorer we can go to the SCA parent folder and enter into the “report” subdirectory.  Within that folder we see multiple subdirectories which contain the individual file layouts.
The file we want is called “”.

Step II: Take a Backup of the File:

I know… of course you would take a backup of the file before editing it.  After all you own Stat!

Step III: Edit the File:  

Open the file in a text editor of your choice.  There are several changes we will be making.  The first change is to the copyright notice. 

We will change the value:  “© 2014 Dell Inc.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED” 


We will update the year value and update the company’s name to look like:  “© 2016 ACME Anvil Inc.  All Rights Reserved!



The second change is to the watermark value.  Currently there is no watermark displayed on any of the reports produced.  We want the watermark to show, and want it to show as “ACME Anvil Inc.”.

At the start of the line there is a “#” character.  Remove, or uncomment, the value.  This tells JSS to display the watermark on all reports. 

To the right of the “BACKGROUND_TEXT=” text value we will replace the “For internal use only” statement.



We will update the value to:  “ACME Anvil Inc.”.

Step IV: Restart the Stat Central Agent:  

Now that we have modified the file we need to restart the Stat Central Agent for the changes to be applied.  If you do not have rights to do so ask your Stat Administrator to restart it for you.  If you have your SCA setup as a Windows Service you can do a restart using the “Services.msc” application.

Give the SCA a full minute to come around.  You can check the status of the SCA within the Stat Windows client by going to Tools > Stat Central Agent Status.  You should see the word “Responding” in black text.  If the text reads “Not Responding” in red text, then wait a few seconds, and select the “Refresh” button until the message changes to a responding state. 


Step V: Test the results:  

Let’s take the new settings for a test drive.  Stat reports can be run from the Stat Windows client or the Stat Web client.  In this example we will run them through the windows client.

In the first screenshot below you see the original output of the report before we added the new watermark and copyright notice:  

The next screenshot shows the same report – now showing our updated copyright notice and the new watermark value we added:

For more information on Watermark and Copyright settings please see the appendix entitled “Custom Report Files”, sub-section “Stat Predefined Global Parameters” in the Stat Administrators guide.  You can also download our complimentary Case Study, "Curtiss-Wright Electro-Mechanical Corporation; Optimizing change management".


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and I hope you found it informative.


William R. Hart

Solutions Architect

Dell | Pre-Sales, Quest, Inc