Stat version 5.6.0 - Release Preview

Business Stuff:

This blog highlights the requirements currently planned for the next release of Stat, to be

called version 5.6.0. The proposed date for the release has not yet been finalized. Nothing in

this blog can be included in any agreement to purchase or other contracts.

New Features (The reason you're reading this blog):

Integration With Third Party Version Control Tools - PVCS, CVS, SVN

Stat 5.6.0 will have the ability to connect to third party version control tools like PVCS, CVS, and

SVN. This capability will enable users to connect to a third party version control tool, extract code

that has been versioned in said tool, and migrated via Stat. This will enable users to take advantage

of all of the powerful Change Management features our customers have come to depend on, while at

the same time enabling those users who have a comfort level with other version control tools to migrate

code via Stat and create an audit trail upon which many development shops depend. This one is a personal

favorite in that people have been asking for this and we're delivering!

User Can Set the Schema to be Used for Migration of Oracle Apps PL/SQL Files,

PKB Files, PKH Files and SQL Scripts.

Stat is intended to mange change in the application. Currently schema objects can only be migrated for

one user. In the case of Oracle Applications, this is the APPS user. In Oracle Applications there are more

than 200 different schemas that own objects, any of which may be modified by a customer. Additionally,

customers may define their own schemas for custom objects, but we are unable to migrate objects into these

schemas. One can hard code connection strings into the files to be migrated but this creates a security risk.

To address this issue, one will now be able to have Stat use the Schema/password/module information in

Oracle Apps and connect as the correct user when migrating objects. The user can now be identified in the

archive set in which the objects were archived. This one and the next one are for all you Oracle Appsters out there!

The 'Process Request' Tab Page Now Available on the CSR Change Management Window.

Currently the 'Patch Process Request' Tab Page is displayed only for Oracle E-Business Patch CSRs.

(CSRs that have a CSR Type for which the CSR Patch Tab is checked). Customers have requested to

have this tab added to the CSR permanently. That way they don't have to switch from CSR page to Oracle

Console page all the time. Pretty cool huh? Fewer mouse clicks yet more choices!

Ability to Set Order When Doing Mass Migrations

When Mass migration, Stat migrates the CSRs in the ascending order of CSR number without prompting for

the order of CSR migration from the user. In Stat 5.6.0, customers can now set the migration order in the Mass

Migration Wizard. For example, one can set the Mass Migration to migrate CSR 25 archive set 4 first, then

CSR 12 archive set 3, then CSR 25 archive set 2, and they'll tell two friends, and so on and so on ...

LDAP User ID field Increased to 100 and DN field Increased to 400 Characters Respectively.

The total User DN field on the User Maintenance table is now 500 characters.

Web Based Reports for General and Security Maintenance Tables.

The reports may now be scheduled or run Adhoc from the Web Client. All reports requested by the client will

now be executed by the Stat Central Agent and presented to the requestor on their client. This will improve the

performance when executing large reports.

Pre and Post Migration Steps

Both pre and post migration steps can be run directly from the Mass Migration wizard as opposed to having to

open each individual CSR. Additionally, one can now view and execute post migration steps on Distributed

databases that allows the user to run the post (and now pre as well) migration steps from the window that comes

up after a migration. The CSR id is located on the left of the window. So the same step may need to be run multiple

times. (For different CSR/archives) but one does not have to go into each individual CSR to execute each pre/post migration step.

Faster and better ... just like the $6 Million Dollar man! Oh, oh, just dated myself.

Other Enhancements

The Stat 5.6.0 standalone agent has been upgraded to Jboss v5.10
Business/Personal rule and CSR emails are now in html format.

These are just a few of the new and exciting features coming in 5.6.0! And so it is written and so it shall become (abovementioned disclaimer still applies! =) )