Statistica Newsletter Tipped You Off About Facebook, Didn't It?

You never know what you will learn from the helpful Statistica newsletter. (Subscribe for free.) Our recent June issue brought to our readers’ attention that legacy StatSoft’s social media properties have been changed up quite a bit. You won’t find us by the same name anywhere anymore!

Well, that’s not entirely true, but readers did learn that our old Facebook page has now expanded to include all our fellow software teammates in Dell’s Information Management Group. So, now when you go visit our page, you will find our Statistica content mixed with that of Dell Boomi, SharePlex, and Toad. It’s like we suddenly discovered an extended family with whom we share much in common—primarily we share the successful end-to-end workflow of YOUR data. We think you should stop by and get to know these family members, too, and then “like” them the way you’ve always liked Statistica.

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