Stop the Data Protection Firefighting: We Are All In This Together

The Urban Dictionary defines firefighting as:

Dealing with a series of workplace emergencies on a top-priority basis, so that little scheduled work is done.

Obviously, firefighting is a common productivity-killer in most industries, so rest assured dear IT professionals, you are not alone. But while that acknowledgement may offer a bit of stress relief and solace during a particularly bad stretch, it doesn’t really solve or mitigate the problem.

In the white paper End the Firefighting, Part 1: Keeping up with Today’s Data Protection Requirements, you’ll hear directly from some real-world IT pros about the constant struggle to reduce firefighting in their day-to-day operations. The hope here is that some of their strategies might help you clear the decks and get back to your “real” work.

If this paper is helpful, there are also some other resources that may help. Be sure to check out this paper written in conjunction with IDC Don’t let gaps in your data protection plan slow you down, which addresses some best practices in data protection planning and execution. 

You should find these resources useful and they can, at least in some way, help you reduce the firefighting and get back some time to do real work, or even – gasp – generate some free time!

And come back soon to check out Part 2 of the Stop the Firefighting series.