Storage for the IT Admin - Quick Must Know Tips

As IT organizations take on new, innovative technologies to modernize their data centers,the lines of IT administration roles are blurring and responsibilities are shifting. Yesterday’s “silo” administrator is quickly becoming today’s “infrastructure administrator”, and requires broader knowledge across the different IT domains. Part server administrator, virtual environment manager, network engineer, and storage architect--today’s infrastructure administrators need skills which enable them to build, maintain and manage high performing data center infrastructure solutions. The end goal is a flexible infrastructure that adheres to the business' changing needs and is sensitive to data center cost optimization.


Diving deep into the topic, our lead systems consults, Brad Bonn, and the infamous Scott D. Lowe of 1610 Group present this technical webcast, exploring the most critical storage optimization concepts that every IT administrator should understand. As a foundational element in a modern data center environment, the right storage configuration can make or break infrastructure performance and availability. If you’re somewhat new to how storage can impact your virtual environment, watch the webcast to get up to speed on the key concepts you need to know to keep your infrastructure running smoothly.


Watch the recording here and tweet us – which storage tip have you found most applicable to your organization and role?