Storage Maximizer for SharePoint 1.1 New Release #qSharePoint

We are pleased to announce the release of Storage Maximizer 1.1. This release contains some great new features that are sure to impress. The following is a list of some of the most notable:

Quest Storage Maximizer 1.1 introduces the following new capabilities:

  • Multiple storage definitions support the externalization of documents within various SharePoint scopes to many storage locations. Externalization criteria includes document type, size, and age.
  • Documents in the same scope can be archived to different storage targets, based on document age.

  • Creation of Document Mover jobs and Orphan BLOB Cleanup jobs is automated for each new storage definition. You only need to configure a storage definition to start externalizing documents.

  • Document movement and orphan BLOB cleanup jobs can be defined with broader scopes to reduce scheduling conflicts and streamline job management. These jobs replace those created with storage definitions.

  • The document Revert job is enhanced to permit a return to SharePoint of all externalized documents in a SharePoint scope or those externalized by a specific storage definition.

  • The dashboard shows all storage and job definitions and provides direct access to pages for create, delete, or modify operations. Externalization statistics are available for the Farm or for a specific storage definition.