Super Agent Man vs. Super Agentless Man? Consider The Avengers

Riddle me this. Why would a movie franchise choose to pit one super hero against the other, instead of fighting the bad guys?  I mean, Batman vs. Superman?  Really?



No doubt I will have my detractors, but besides the gazillion dollars that no doubt the Battle of the Superheroes will make at the box office, it kinda bums me out to pit one of these good characters against the other, when there are so many ‘forces of darkness’ that need a taste of these guys’ super powers.


In fact, I rather like how Marvel, early on, went in another direction with The Avengers (maybe we should count X-Men too?). The idea of a group of superheroes who work together to defeat their common foe seems totally logical to me. Fighting together "the foes no single superhero can withstand," is well, totally cool. In our Avengers world, each character has his/her own super powers. Each has strengths that complement one of the others. The key thing for The Avengers is: what power is needed now and who has that power?


It’s not a big leap from the Ultron galaxy to our backup and disaster recovery universe. Instead of IT admins taking the second to ask, what’s the best tool for this particular job, so many people get into the drama of agent vs agentless backup. People in each camp SWEAR that their “Super Friend” has the super powers they need to get their backup and recovery job done, and they EQUALLY SWEAR that the other way of functioning is a piece of, well, you know what. The problem is, it’s the same old argument — who’s better:  Batman or Superman?


The truth is, the dilemma here is a false one. The question isn’t, which is better, agent or agent-less backup; the REAL QUESTION is, what superpowers do I need to fight the evil of lost data + cripplingly slow recovery?  That’s the essential question here, and THAT is what the Agent vs. Agentless e-book addresses.


Our evil foe stands in the way of accomplishing three essential goals in backup and recovery:

  • Minimizing the risk of losing data when something goes wrong
  • Performing recovery operations as quickly as possible
  • Reducing the impact to production systems and end-users when backing up or recovering

Agent-based and agentless backup solutions both offer awesome superpowers and distinct advantages in dealing with the goals, but don’t get caught up in the argument about which is better, without taking into consideration YOUR unique universe. It’s worth evaluating both as you work toward adopting the best backup and recovery approach that fits your needs. Learn more about the three must-knows about agent and agentless virtual machine backups.


You could go Superman. You could go Batman. Both are awesome, but really — they don’t need to fight each other. You could also go with The Avengers — the reliability and insights of an agent-based backup solution, alongside the cost reductions and flexibility of an agentless backup product, if needed.  It’s your choice. You get to write this superpower sequel – just make sure you know what superpowers you need.