Syncing hierarchy from AD to AD

Actually one of scenarios for using the Target container selection by mapping feature is creating the same hierarchy in target system as it was in the source system. In the comment to my blog post about this feature Brian asked to provide step-by-step guide, because even it sounds simple it is tricky to configure.


To do so I created 3 steps: the first one is to provision all OUs into single container without hierarchy, the second is for moving OUs and the last step for renaming these OUs.

On provision step we provision all OUs inside single container, and they should be named by their GUIDs in source system to provide uniqueness.

Then we need update step to create hierarchy using mapping.

After that we need additional Update step to rename all OUs.

PS: Unfortunately there is the bug in Quick Connect 5.1, which prevents this solution from working as expected. Now you need to run last step several times, depending on how many nesting levels in your AD. It is fixed in upcoming 5.2 version.