Taking Statistica Data Viz To A Whole New Level

You never know what you’ll find in the Statistica Monthly News email. The top item in last week’s issue was a blurb steering readers to the press release announcing Quest’s partnership with Datawatch that will take Statistica’s already robust data visualizations and dashboarding to a whole new level of interactive dynamics.

Historically, a common objection from prospects was that certain spreadsheet programs could display business data visualization with sufficient detail for all manner of reporting. So, they would ask, why upgrade to Statistica? Arguably, this might have been partially true to a point at one time, but there comes a day when market changes demand advanced analytics, and advanced analytics demand advanced visualization in order to do any good. And it is so much easier to conduct analytics with a comprehensive platform like Statistica that doesn’t require data to be output to a standalone visualization application.

I have seen impressive, real-time demonstrations of this new capability in Statistica and am excited about what the Datawatch partnership has to offer our users.