Taking the Nightmare out of File Server Migrations (Pre-Recorded)

Check out the details on what tools to use during a File server data migration.

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Taking the Nightmare out of File Server Migrations
Hint: It’s Not Just About the Files


Recorded February 1, 2012


Some say there are two types of IT pros in this world: Those that dread file server migrations, and those that have never done one. Migrating files and folders to new servers has long been one of IT’s least successful and most hated activities. Just getting the files copied was one problem. Getting the permissions right is yet another. Until recently the problem was the tools: There simply weren’t that many that worked effectively.

In this informational webinar, you’ll learn the steps you should take to keep your migration from turning into a headache:

  1. Reporting on file permissions
  2. Fixing file permission issues
  3. Migrating files and permissions
  4. Ensuring migration success

Join Greg Shields of Concentrated Technology and Jayson Gehri of ScriptLogic in this end-the-nightmare webinar and learn about the new techniques (and the tools) that make migrating files and their permissions a snap.

Migration Steps

Native Tool

ScriptLogic Solution

Step 1: Report on File Permissions


Enterprise Security Reporter

Step 2: Fix File Permission Issues


Security Explorer

Step 3: Migrate Files & Permissions

Robocopy (Article)

Secure Copy

Step 4: Post-Migration Analysis

Power Shell, Compare Object

Secure Copy


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