TEC, SharePoint and You

I just returned from The Expert’s Conference, the Quest-sponsored technical event focused on many things Microsoft such as Active Directory, Unified Communications, SharePoint, Virtualization and PowerShell. And when I say technical, I mean technical. On the SharePoint side, sessions were hosted by the likes of Joel (no last name required), Bill Baer, Dux (same here on the surname), Michael Noel, Ram Gopinathan, Michael Lotter and Christian Buckley just to name a few.


While I generally take the opportunity to sit in on the sessions and learn how much I have to learn about SharePoint, I also take advantage of the opportunity to meet with as many customers and future customers as I can. It’s that conversation around the lunch table (or bar) that gives us ideas for future solutions to your current problems. Here are a couple of observations I made during the recent festivities.


  1. Almost universally, organizations are struggling with what to do with SharePoint. They have it deployed. Users are “collaborating” (which generally means sharing documents). However, beyond that, organizations are struggling to develop a strategy for “what’s next.” Workflow, ECM, BI – lots of options.
  2. SharePoint is becoming mainstream. The IT folks responsible for SharePoint are turning to Quest in droves for the same things they have turned to Quest for in years gone by to support their Active Directory and Exchange environments – recovery, administration, security, audit, reporting.
  3. SharePoint 2010 itself is a game changer in terms of its ability to be a more complete application platform, its strong focus on metadata and IT’s view of its maturity and ability
  4. Office 365 is something everyone is talking about. There is a strong feeling that it cures much that plagued BPOS and will be very viable for corporations of all sizes. Everyone is at least looking at it.


So, if your organization is struggling with how to use SharePoint, you are not alone. If you want some free help with the strategy, drop me an email or give Quest a call at (800) 306-9329 or (949) 754-8000. We’d be happy to have our experts spend some time with you to understand your challenges, relate those to SharePoint and explain how other companies may have solved similar problems.


And, if your organization is not struggling with how to use SharePoint, congratulations! I'd still like to hear about your successes, so if you're willing to share, that would be appreciated.


Until next time…