Technology Tunnel Vision: Why Endpoint Management Without Network Security Is Putting Your Organization at Risk

You know what’s about to happen in the photo? You see how the defender on the right is ready to block a pass? The player on the left is going to hesitate for a fraction of a second, pass the ball between the defender’s legs, dash around the defender and keep right on dribbling, leaving the defender a day late and a dollar short.

Image credit: Nick Hubbard | Licensed under: CC BY 2.0

We call that “tunnel vision” – focusing too closely on one area and failing to see the broader picture. 

Endpoint Management and Tunnel Vision

You can focus so intently on endpoint management that you take your eye off the ball of network security. That puts your organization at risk of somebody sneaking the ball past you and driving straight for the hoop before you know what’s hit you.

Of course, it doesn’t seem like tunnel vision to you, because you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to tighten network security. But every new technology wave brings more endpoints to secure and more moving parts: tablets, smartphones, bring your own device (BYOD), internet of things (IoT) and wearables, to name a few.

The struggle is for IT to manage that variety of endpoints without getting stuck in silos and losing sight of network security that spans the entire organization. You’re trying to do this even as the data center is becoming less centralized and assets are ending up in hosted, cloud and mobile repositories.

Meanwhile, users want to be connected anytime and anywhere on an increasingly diverse set of devices. Their expectations for convenience and privacy are rising, and they are willing to engage in shadow IT to meet those expectations.

New E-book: Technology Tunnel Vision

IT resources are sagging, operating expenses are skyrocketing and security breaches are increasing in frequency and severity. Organizations are putting their reputations and their bottom lines at risk, despite their stepped-up efforts to increase security. The way to eliminate tunnel vision is to replace the traditional silo-approach to systems management with a holistic view of network infrastructure and a fully integrated solution that offers centralized management and network security.

We’ve released a new e-book, Technology Tunnel Vision: Part 1, that explains why the holistic approach is imperative today. Read it for a closer look at the impact of tunnel vision on IT, on security and on your ability to keep your adversaries from dribbling around you and leaving you flat-footed.