Testers Reveal Secrets about Office 365

In the July 2011 Issue of Redmond Magazine, there was an article titled, “Office 365 Reader Review: Testers Reveal Secrets” on pages 20-26. It was a very interesting read – not just because of the full-page Quest Software Office 365 Migration Ad on page 23, but because it was great to see the reactions of actual people evaluating Microsoft’s new cloud-based solution.


There were most certainly mixed reviews. One organization said that they like the idea of Office Web Apps because they have a hodgepodge of productivity suites and they want to standardize, while another organization mentioned that they would have a revolt if they took away Office 2007 from their employees who are used to the functionality. That is just one example, check out the article for many other reviews.


Most of my product marketing career was spent at small businesses where it was a constant struggle to manage, maintain, and invest in our IT systems. Tom Rizzo, Senior Director, Microsoft Online Services was quoted in the article as saying, “I think small businesses will be quicker to adopt Office 365 because they don’t have a lot of existing IT investment they have to move.” I couldn’t agree more and think that small businesses like those I worked at previously would welcome the idea of simplifying the responsibility of IT.


After reading this article, I can see how Office 365 might not be for everyone. However, it is a great solution for organizations with specific business challenges and needs. If you are one of these organizations, visit the Quest Office 365 web page to see what migration solutions we offer.