Testing AD Disaster Recovery Against Production Data

Is your AD disaster recovery plan up to par? 

Do you test your plan against a copy of your production forest? Well, you’re not alone.

According to a Dimensional Research survey, of the 87% who have had AD incidents or disasters, less than half have a robust AD disaster recovery (DR) plan. Surprisingly, 45% don’t even test their plans regularly because it is too hard to set up the test environment based on production data. 

We all know that things can look good in test, but testing against production data is always better. Still, it’s no wonder that organizations struggle to test their DR plans against production: there is just no easy way to build a test lab from your production environment.

I have helped several organizations worldwide and can tell you that the manual methods used to create a virtual lab from production are tedious at best and all have their shortcomings. Some customers tell me the process can take up to two weeks. And because it’s a manual process, it’s just as tedious and time consuming the second time around.  

There is Another Way!

Besides validating your forest recovery procedure, a copy of your production AD in a test lab can also be used to test AD schema upgrades, software deployments or service packs, migration plans and more. 

Join me at the Dell World Software User Forum where I’ll review those lab-building processes, walk you through what I think is the best process and then show how Quest has automated the process with a new feature in Recovery Manager for AD Forest Edition — Active Directory Virtual Lab.

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