Texas Health and Human Services Commission Keeps #ActiveDirectory Healthy

Recognizing the need for a major directory upgrade after an agency consolidation, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission retained Quest (now a part of Dell) to migrate the agency’s separate directory services platforms into a cohesive Microsoft Active Directory. Thanks to the switch to Active Directory, the staff at the Texas HHSC now benefits from better recovery capabilities. Even when entire user accounts are deleted accidently, Recovery Manager for Active Directory (a solution from Dell) allows IT personnel to restore the missing accounts quickly. “The recovery tools helps us save a lot of time and maintain productivity levels. I can tell you that it is easy to use, and we have our customers up and running much faster than we did before,” says Carlos Luna, Program Manager, Texas HHSC.


Read the full case study here. And, grab a cup of coffee and try a free virtual trial of Recovery Manager for Active Directory, without downloading any software in your environment. Our step-by-step Walkthrough Guide takes you through several common scenarios to give you a good overview of how the product works.