That River in Egypt? Help Your Customers Get Beyond Backup and Recovery Denial

Oh, and row out in front of your competition at the same time.

Sitting in a dugout canoe with six strangers, along with my aunt, and my mother, I looked around at the beautiful Hawaiian waters and thought, “Wow, this IS paradise.” We were in an outrigger canoe, paddling out from Waikiki Beach to catch some waves and canoe surf back in. The water was placid and calm… that is, until our canoe captain started barking orders at us. “Paddle hard!” he yelled.  “Paddle now! Like your life depended on it!” I looked at him incredulously and said, “Dude, I’m in Hawaii. Chill out. There’s no wave around.”

And no sooner than the words were out of my mouth, than the whole boat was picked up by a wave I didn’t see coming, and I was paddling like crazy with the rest of the group to stay ahead of it.

I was stunned. Each time we went out, the water was serene, with no waves in sight. But then, out of the blue, the guide would see something and start yelling at us to, “Go! Go! Go!” And let me tell you – even after all these years of outrigging, I am STILL in denial about the waves.

As an IT expert who’s driven by margin and customer needs, you have the opportunity to Go! Go! Go! way ahead of your competition, who are still waiting for the wave to come in. And with your reputation on the line with every customer you sell to, now is the time to look out onto the horizon and see that there really is a wave out there ─ and you can paddle it in.

What’s the wave?

Analysts are pointing out that customers are hungry for backup and recovery solutions, even if they’re in denial about that same need. In this new report, Reseller Attitudes to Backup and Recovery Solutions, you can read about an astounding amount of money that’s left on the table during channel sales because they’re not talking about backup and recovery solutions. One fifth to one quarter of resellers, MSPs, VARs and other channel-styled organizations are missing out on the wave by not asking the simple question, “How are you going to back up and protect your growing data?”


Customers themselves are in denial. Many think they’re more protected than they are, and others think, “Oh, it won’t happen to me.” The huge wave for you to ride here, is to help your customers realize backup and recovery is not optional. It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN they’re going to need their deleted data. That lightning strike down the block. The flood in the building next door. Or even best practices in archiving and compliance. It’s all about data backup and recovery.

By not addressing this big and continuous opportunity of helping your customer understand the importance of data protection, you’re missing out on waves that are coming in. Sooner or later, your competition is going to hear “Go! Go! Go!” and is going to ride these opportunities all the way to the profitable shore. Unless you get there first.

And how do you do that? By heeding the analysts and industries call. Not unlike my outrigger guide, who saw the wave before any of us on the boat did, realize that backup and recovery software and services is a critical place for channel partners to make money.

 Industry experts are showing you and your customers the horizon every day. Don’t be in denial. Be the guide. Teach your customers how to paddle out ahead of any disaster with comprehensive, easy-to-use, business-aligned backup and disaster recovery solutions and your customers will look at you in amazement and say “How did you know?”

 The wave is here. Go! Go! Go!