The Birth of MessageStats

I remember the birth of MessageStats – specifically the first few prototypes that we got working and pulled together.

Back then, one of the prototypes I had created was code named Store Analyzer. It programmatically went through mailboxes on a Microsoft Exchange 5.5 server and collected statistics and calculated values such as the number of messages in each folder, total unread messages, average message size, and the oldest message. To my knowledge, we were the first to programmatically accomplish this at that time.

We brought together this technology with another product which we had that analyzed Microsoft Exchange tracking logs. Together they provided a powerful reporting engine. The power was fully realized internally when we ran in against our own production mailboxes and people could see the insightful reports that were available on their own mailboxes and across the organization.

That was the birth of MessageStats. The team worked diligently day-and-night making it perform well in large customer Exchange deployments and it evolved into the best Microsoft Exchange reporting solution available on the market for many years to come!

Here is screen shot of my early prototype:

StoreAnalyzer (with Quest data).png